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Wahoo TICKR Belt

The Wahoo Fitness TICKR Belt Heart Rate Monitor is ANT+ and Bluetooth enabled, allowing it to connect wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or GPS watch. Easy to set up, the monitor has two LED light indicators to show when the device is connected and when your heart rate has been detected. TICKR works seamlessly with the Wahoo Fitness App, available for free download from the App Store, in addition to your favourite fitness apps, including MapMyRUN, MapMyRIDE, Strava and RunKeeper.

Tickr Belt - Built for a comfortable workout

The Wahoo TICKR Belt is tough, durable and designed for both men and women to wear comfortably. The sweat-proof and water-proof heart rate strap is designed to be accurate in all conditions - from easy to strenuous exercise.

The Wahoo Fitness Burn & Burst Training Program

The TICKR Belt Heart Rate Monitor comes with Wahoo's Burn & Burst Training Program to maximise your workout. The eight-week training program takes the traditional "five-zone approach" to heart rate training and turns it into two key heart rate numbers - The Burn, which is the heart rate at which your body utilises fat as the primary fuel source; and The Burst, the recommended heart rate that should be maintained for short durations to improve speed and performance.

Easy to use

Set up is a snap with the TICKR Belt LED lights. The blue LED shows that the TICKR Belt is connected and the red LED shows that your heart rate has been detected.

Works with your favorite fitness apps

In addition to the Wahoo Fitness app, TICKR is compatible with many of the most popular apps for running and biking, including RunKeeper, Runmeter, MapMyRUN, Strava, Cyclemeter, and MapMyRIDE.

Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ connectivity

TICKR connects wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Plus it can use ANT+ to connect to a variety of other devices.

Built for working out

The Wahoo TICKR is tough and comfortable so you can completely focus on your workouts. Sweat proof and waterproof, the heart rate strap easily fits both men and women. The Wahoo Tickr Belt is designed for accuracy no matter what the exercise level—from light to strenuous.

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An excellent HRM so deserves a 5 star, but recently however it is not switching off after a session and a real pain when walking past it and it connects to my Garmin 935 (& messes up my wrist HRM recording. I have to hide it far away to stop interference. Advised by a local bike shop that it is a problem with the old Tickr and causes fast battery drain. A few months past warranty so have ordered a new one.
The WAHOO TICKR HR Monitor is the best because...
Great item and compatable with Garmin computers. Super fast service????????????????????????
The WAHOO TICKR HR Monitor is a great unit to use for Zwift and Garmin Head Units.
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