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The ATS is a new interpretation of the classic Turnfit system. We have combined the traditional Turnfit dial system with the Rollsys head basket to create an even more effective retention system. A dial at the back of the helmet now controls a basket that grips a large part of back of the head. A quick turn of the ATS® dial makes sure the basket grips the back of the head for a snug yet comfortable fit that keeps the helmet firmly in place.Adjust your visor to your needs based on the situation you are in. Move it up or down to adjust it to your preference.

The Rigidity Brace system is a reinforcement for a superior helmet resistance against multi impacts. This system is comparable with a roll cage in a racecar. In case of a crash this will keep the cracked EPS pieces together so the helmet still offers some form of protection. This system does not guarantee the effectiveness of a helmet after a crash, every helmet needs to be inspected carefully after a crash and in case of dents or cracks it should be replaced.

Riding in the dusk? Stayed out on a bike ride a little too late? Forgot to bring your lights with you? Whatever the situation, it is important to be seen by other road users. So you better make sure there is a way you can be spotted.

At Lazer safety is our major concern, that’s why we have added reflective material to our helmets throughout the range. Your helmet is the highest and most visible point for other road users, so making sure that stands out is the best way to attract attention.

This LED light comes standard on some models but is an option for almost all helmets equipped with the Rollsys® system. Simply replace the Rollsys® cap with the updated version and put the LED light in the Rollsys® thumbwheel. The LED light provides increased visibility and therefore added safety.

The adjustable head basket allows the back part of the rollsys® system (that grips the back of the head) to move up and down depending on the riders preference. This way the Rollsys® system can be adjusted even more too individual rider needs and can create even more comfort.

ATS Advanced Turnfit System



WEIGHT: 290 g (S)


Adjustable visor

Optional LED light/reflector

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