MET Rivale White Helmet - Medium

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MET Rivale White Helmet - Medium


The MET Rivale keeps things as compact as possible, without cutting down drastically on the number of vents.

At 230g the MET Rivale gives nothing away in the power-to-weight stakes, despite being primarily an aero helmet.

The Rivale is the new standard of aero.

Streamlined and compact shape our engineers have spent hours in the wind tunnel with the support of team dimension data for Qhubeka to research the best aerodynamics performances. The specific shape of the Rivale enables a rider to save up to 3 watts at 50km/h: this translates to a 1 second time advantage compared to other similar road helmets.

The venturi effect allows the maximum air intake with the lowest drag possible. Through air channels inside the helmet hot air is pulled to the rear exhausting vents producing a great cooling effect. Premium methods of design and construction Rivale's construction is based on an innovative design approach that focuses on the key performance parameters of the helmet making it compact, lightweight, ventilated and superiorly aerodynamic. The contact points have a larger cradle surface increasing comfort and are also designed to keep weight low and allow perspiration at the back of the head.

Product features 
  • Safe advanced FIT system
  • Provides the best weight and comfort ratio
  • Safe advanced USB led light FITs snugly onto the dial of the FIT system
  • Airlite straps which are 15% lighter than a standard helmet strap
  • Sizing guide
    • Small: 52-56cm (no stock)
    • Medium: 54-58cm
    • Large: 59-62cm

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