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Mountain Bike Magazine

Locked down 2020 gave the team at Mountain Bike mag time to focus on research and piecing together a cracking Summer issue.
This fat, fun-loaded edition was curated for our forlorn friend yearning for stoke and they've delivered that in spades.
It's a celebration of our newfound freedom and the hordes of new riders the pandemic inspired to ride, cos we only live once.
It's time to get back out into our warm African sunshine. Nature and her trails had a rare chance to recover and our intrepid trail builders have been using the time out to sculpt single-track and build trails all over the world.
Meet the riders, travel to dream trail destinations around the planet, learn to corner better, and see if you agree about tire size. Racing returned and SA's biggest oldest stage race Sani2c saved a bleak year.
These and so many more mountain bike stories with rad images by legendary contributors including Hans Rey, Alex Harris, Candice Lill, Luke Moir, and many more in this jam-packed, large format coffee table Summer edition.
Order your home-delivered copy now to enjoy, slowly, over the holidays.

"Mountain biking is the new golf." It is growing fast and attracting affluent, time-starved people seeking healthier hobbies and time out.

The sport is healthy, adventurous, cool, and safer than road cycling. The technology is evolving fast offering all levels of riders the opportunity to ride faster and more comfortably in previously inaccessible, soul-inspiring terrain.

Mountain bikes outsell road bikes and the costs related to the sport have been shown to be greater than golf. 3, 4, and even 9-day stage races sell out fast with long waiting lists. The average age is 40 and many are professional business people including ex runners and golfers enjoying time out in pristine nature.

Singletrack trails are being built in everyone’s backyard. Even in city centers, one can ride in solitude for hours. South Africa is fast being recognized as the mountain bike capital of the world.

Why is Mountain Bike magazine different?

We don’t preach. Our readers know how to ride, they are bored of repetitive instructions aimed at beginners. We are talking to a mature audience who know how to ride and can find food recipes and coaching videos online. Busy people want offline indulgence in their chosen pastime – it’s about inspiration and entertainment (me time), we call it stoke. We share their passion in celebration of the joy of the wind in their hair in wide-open spaces.

Less wastage, greater impact. 4 issues per year with fresh compelling content that represents the soul of the mtb experience. Much like surf magazines appeal to surfers who dream of waves in exotic picturesque locations, mtb’ing is an incredibly photogenic sport and SA has an exceptional array of scenic backdrops. That’s why MTB mag is packed with large format, powerful imagery plus deep interviews with interesting, like-minded people.

While riders are on the couch, loo or at their desk they are out on a picturesque trail riding without a care in the world. It’s ‘me time’ and we reward and feed the joy of something they love.

Efficient distribution

The magazine has a tightly niched guaranteed readership via carefully selected event partners and retailers. Beyond the controlled free distribution to elusive high-end riders, the non-news based content that doesn’t date allows us to maximize a 4 month on-sale period for each issue.

Much like ‘Bike’ magazine does in the US, this magazine simply fuels the passion and spreads the stoke of mountain biking, thereby capturing the attention of current and future riders. In a time of media clutter and noise, this magazine will effectively connect with readers emotionally to grow the sport, increase sales, and deliver advertisers' messages.

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