Ciovita Men's Base Layer - Short Sleeve White

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Ciovita Men's Base Layer - Short Sleeve White
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Ciovita Men's Base Layer - Short Sleeve White

Our latest baselayer is here. Our new Short Sleeve baselayer here is made from the same Polygeine Mesh found in our Aero Race Fit Jerseys. This high tech mesh is treated to be anti-bacterial and odour free, making it the perfect fabric for a baselayer. Aside from these practical considerations a moisture wicking treatment means that this baselayer draws sweat away from the skin, this helps tremendously when riding in cold conditions as one of the biggest causes of core body temperature dropping is skin surface sweat that has been exposed to cold air.

And it's not just great for cold conditions, when you feel yourself warming up over the course of your ride, you can unzip your jersey and let the cool air flow through the mesh construction giving you absolute control over ventilation and the ability to adapt as your body heats and cools.


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