Velotex Cycling Raglan Raincoat Mens Hydrox

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Velotex Cycling Raglan Raincoat Mens Hydrox

Superb Value For Money High Visibility Windproof Waterproof Rain Coat


•Professional style and fit construction using a combination of purpose-made fabrics

•Visi Green HydroX to ensure optimal visibility and wind-proof, water-proof properties  

•Matt Elasthane side panels, collar and cuff to improve aerodynamics and to ensure wearer temperature control and to ensure optimal comfort through a perfect fit at all times.

•Full-length zipper closure

•Extra length rear tail section to protect from rear-wheel splashes 

•RefleX piping in rear side-seams to facilitate visibility in dark conditions

•Velotex branded rubber safety zipper-toggle.

•RefleX visibility system.

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