Louis Garneau Carve II MTB and Road Helmet

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The Carve II Helmet is lightweight, highly ventilated and offers super protection for mountain bikers and road cyclists

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Louis Garneau Carve II MTB and Road Helmet


The MSB Technology (a monocoque structural base at the baseof the helmet that reinforces the perimeter for enhanced protection) along witha fully bonded back spread the shock of impacts, provide support and enablesthe helmet to be lightweight. Highly inspired by the Exo-Nerv technology seenin earlier Louis Garneau helmets, the U-Bar Technology is made with U-shapedplastic ribs that are folded 6 times. These ribs act like a complex exoskeletonthat reinforces the helmet's structure. The Patented Spiderlock Pro Retention,hailed as one of the best in the cycling industry, allows the user to adjustthe helmet with only one hand to ensure safety while on the bike.

  • In-Mould Construction
  • Super MSB Technology: Ring-shaped plastic protection at the baseof the helmet reinforces the perimeter for enhanced protection
  • U-Bar Technology1: Highly inspired by the ExoNervtechnology, the plastic shell is made with U-shaped ribs (plastic is folded 6times). These ribs act like a complex exoskeleton that reinforces the helmet’sstructure
  • Evacuation Channels: Moisture channels provide betterairflow and moisture wicking
  • Spiderlock Pro: Helmet stabilising system featuring apolymer neck support. It can be easily tightened on the head using only onehand, thanks to its dented anti-slip wheel. Its inclination can be adjusted toseveral positions
  • Steplock Divider: Cam locking device to quickly adjust strapposition
  • Sealed Airdry Padding: Washable sealed adjustment paddingfor enhanced durability, ergonomic design for optimum comfort
  • Reflector Decals: Safety first! Reflective stickers willmake you more visible near motorists
  • V-Pro System: Receptacle moulded into the helmet in order toput on and off the visor as often as you wish. Plastic plugs are included tofill the holes when not used
  • Carve Visor: Specifically designed for the Carve helmet,this visor perfectly fits the helmet's design
  • Vents: 29
  • Weight: 280 g


S: 52 - 56 cm
M: 56 - 59 cm
L: 59 - 62 cm

Available Colours

Black / White

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