BragiI Dash - Truly Wireless Smart Earphones - Black

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Meet The Dash

Listen. Track. Communicate. Get the world’s first truly wireless Hearable, a smart device that fits in your ears. Experience amazing sound and the PerfectFit combined with In-ear biometric sensors, live activity feedback and gesture controls.

The Dash is the world‘s first Hearable. They are a pair of truly wireless earphones engineered with smart technology that brings you benefits beyond just listening to music.The Dash contains a 4GB data onboard storage, and are controlled either standalone via tap, swipe and hold gestures on the earbuds‘ EarTouch interface, or by using the free Bragi app on your smartphone.

The Dash microcomputers mean these earphones go beyond playing music; as a platform, software updates will continually reveal new features and capability, unlocking how The Dash can help you.

Sensor technology is the heart of The Dash, taking in data from your body that will eventually help you manage your health and fitness, and support other activities in your daily life.

The Dash Main Features

The Dash are truly wireless earbuds that let you listen to music free from wires and cables. You can either load music onto the internal memory, or connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone to stream from its memory or internet music providers.

The Dash has 23 sensors in each earbud, which can measure and report data both internally from your body and externally from your environment. Current features include pulse, steps, head position (to inform macros) and more will be added over time.

The Dash is also a Bluetooth headset, pairing with your phone to provide you with hands free calling. You can answer calls with a tap to the right touch interface or by nodding your head. You can reject a call by holding the right Dash for 1 second, or shaking your head. The Right Dash can also be used on its own (without the Left Dash).

The Dash have passive noise canceling, which is initiated simply by putting The Dash in your ears. When you want to hear more of the world around you, turn on Audio transparency with a swipe gesture on the left Dash, allowing you to let in ambient sound.

The Dash is the world‘s first truly wireless earphones that give you the freedom to listen to music, track your fitness metrics, and communicate with others. In addition to this, The Dash are waterproof up to 1m.

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