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Campagnolo Chorus 12-speed Rear Derailleur



Series: Chorus 12 Speed
Application: Road, Cyclocross
Gearing: 12-speed
Mount: standard
Capacity: 34 teeth
Compatibility: Campagnolo 12-speed
Chain Compatibility: 12-speed

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The Chorus 12s rear derailleur by Campagnolo – welcome to the 12-speed movement!

The Chorus12 s rear derailleur by Campagnolo combines the sophistication and performance of the movement12 versions of Super Record and Record. With just a few minor changes to the materials used, such as the outer shift rod and the aluminium shift cage, the Chorus version offers exactly the same performance as the more expensive groupsets, but is only a few grams heavier. At the same time, it integrates the same advanced technologies such as the new motion curve optimised for larger cassettes and the exceptional 3D Embrace technology. In its latest development, this technology not only keeps the rear derailleur in the perfect vertical position for each sprocket, but now also aligns it precisely along the front and rear axles of each sprocket. The 3D Embrace technology and the larger 12-tooth derailleur pulleys ensure that the rear derailleur fits all cassettes, as the distance between each individual sprocket remains optimal, regardless of the cassette selected.

Technical Information:

Derailleur Pulleys: 12 teeth
Material: Composite material
Outer Cage Material: aluminium
Inner Cage Material: aluminium


– constant precision through optimum chain support on the sprockets, as the spring between the upper rear derailleur body and the joint absorbs road vibrations
– 12 tooth derailleur pulleys ensure smooth chain movement
– possibility of setting the starting position of the rear derailleur for optimum adaptation to the cassette in question
– easy wheel change


3D-Embrace Technology: More teeth per sprocket are captured than with previous rear derailleurs. The pre-shifted upper pulley engages in more teeth of the sprocket. Very high torques can also be achieved on sprockets with 11 teeth.

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