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Look Keo Grip Road Cleats


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Look Keo Grip Cleats

Top Features of the Look Keo Grip Cleats
  • Anti-slip
  • Large platform
  • Memory clip
  • Safe releasing
  • 3 float options:
  • Red: 9 degree movement
  • Grey: 4.5 degree movement
  • Black: 0 degree movement

The new Look KéO Grip anti-slip cleat. It is safer as wellas being compatible with the entire KéO range. The TPU pieces helps to reducethe chances of slipping while walking.

The new KéO Grip cleats are non-slip and thus morereassuring when one gets off the bike. The material found at each end of thecleat helps to also provide a stronger inerface between the cleat and the shoesole. This is particularly appreciable when using carbon soles.

The memory position is another asset of the KéO cleats. Thisfeature allows for a quick cleat replacement into the exact same position thatyour original cleat was placed. Compatible with all the shoes on the market,the KéO standard was designed with the goal of minimizing the weight and thebulk of the cleat/pedal unit.

The operational kinematics are identical to the Deltastandard. Engagement and disengagement are consistent, maintaining Look’sfamous stability and efficiency.

About Pedal Cleats

Pedal cleats are the metal or plastic item that attaches to the sole of yourcycling shoe and clips into your pedals. Most shoes will accept most popularcleats (MTB shoes will take MTB cleats and Road shoes, Road cleats) but somemay require adaptors. You need the exact cleat to match your pedals althoughsome have either single release (twist outwards) or multi-release (twist ineither direction) options. Cleats feature ‘float’, this is the amount ofnatural movement your joints require your ankle to move during the pedal strokeand is an important factor.

About the Look brand

Visionary in creating the first automatic pedal in 1984, LOOK has always stoodfor passion, innovation, and performance. Their portfolio of riders is like noother including legends like Hinault, Lemond, Bugno, Boardman and LaurentJalabert. LOOK products enhance performance with maximum style. Over 35 peoplework within LOOKs research and development department including world-classrider Laurent Jalabert. LOOK engineers have worked with composite material forover twenty years; they built the first monobloc carbon frame and monobloccarbon forks. Enthusiast, Road Racer, Triathlete or Dualthlete, LOOK is thebrand to take your performance to that next level.

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