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Michelin Lithion 3 700 X 25c


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Michelin Lithion 3 700 X 25c

Michelin’s Lithion 3 tyre is updated from earlier models; now lighter, stronger, and faster, the Lithion 3 road Bike Tyre is the essential training tyre.

Featuring increased grip in wet and dry conditions, this lightweight road bike tyre comes with a new silica compound for enhanced durability – you’ll get even more miles out of the Lithion 3 than you did with the impressive Lithion 2. With low rolling resistance, a 3×60 TPI carcass, lightweight skinwalls, and puncture protection, the Lithion 3 Road Bike Tyre packs everything you’ll need in a training tyre.


  • Material: Silica compound
  • Bead: Folding
  • TPI: 3×60
  • Herringbone tread pattern
  • Supple
  • Puncture resistant
  • Increased grip
  • Increased mileage
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Weight: 700x23c: 225g; 700x25c: 255g


  • Two-tone Silica: A unique based tread with a smooth centre and chevron shoulder rubber for suppleness, grip, and rolling performance.
  • Overlapped 60 TPI ESC: Extra supple casing reinforced with puncture resistant crown ply for a comfortable ride with puncture resistance.
  • High-Density Casing (HDC):  Special overlapping ply designed carcass with a 3×60 TPI density, which helps achieve the ideal balance between efficiency, comfort, puncture resistance, and off-road casing durability.
  • High Protect Rim System (HPRS): Protective strip that protects the bead area against wear from the rim. The HPRS is used on all flexible-bead Michelin® tyres.
  • SW Lightweight Skinwalls: Casing plies surrounded by a thin coat of rubber for weight-savings.



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