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Ravemen PR1200 Front Bike Light With Wired Remote


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Ravemen PR1200 Front Bike Light With Wired Remote


The Ravemen PR1200 Front Light, with its included Wired Remote, has a DuaLens Optical Design for Road and HiLo Beam System for Mountain Biking.
With 5 different levels of brightness in Road and 3 different levels of brightness in Mountain Biking, this light is versatile and safe, exactly what you want from a light.
•    DuaLens optical design for road biking mode, providing broad closed range flood light with an anti-glare low beam for commuting, no dazzle and glare for oncoming riders and pedestrians
•    HiLo Beam System for Mountain Biking and Emergency Modes, providing illuminating light similar to automotive headlight with far-reaching high beam and low beam
•    LED real-time display to show remaining runtime in each brightness level
•    Micro USB charging port, compatible with most phone chargers
•    USB output port to charge other USB-powered digital devices
•    Compatible with the handlebar of 31.8mm and 35mm diameter


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