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Shimano XTR Chainring 30T (CRM90)


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In typical XTR fashion, the Shimano XTR SM-CRM90 Chainring is a sight to be seen. Shimano goes through great lengths and puts their products through extensive testing before stamping them with the XTR title. These rings are designed to be run on a 1×11 platform and are compatible with XTR M9000 and M9020-1 cranksets only. They will also only function as they should when used with a Sil-Tech chain. Just like the XTR crank arms, the 34t and 36t rings are hollow for weight savings, but due to same inventive carbon re-enforcement and titanium construction, they lose none of their rigidity or performance. The stainless steel teeth are shaped with chain retention in mind and are are taller and fatter than what you will see on 2x and 3x rings. Use these chainrings to enjoy a 1x system that has that certain refinement only Shimano can bring.


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