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Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp 700x25C Folding Tyre


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Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp 25C Folding Tyre


Competition tyre for all-weather conditions
very low rolling resistance
outstanding riding quality on wet roads
Maximum grip in corners
Curve control system
Sportex Protection Layer
Min/Max pressure (bar): 8.0 to 12.0
Weight: 225g
TPI: 120


Weight (g): 225
Tyre Bead: Folding
Puncture Protection: Sportex Protection Layer
Wheel Size: 700c (622)
Road: Yes

The Fortezza TriComp features TriComp and Curve control technologies in a slightly more durable package when compared with the TriComp Slick.

Asphalt, paving stones, cobbles, sharp bends, dangerous descents, high speeds, varying weather conditions; all these factors demand the utmost of racers and their material.

And it is exactly in such changing conditions that Vredestein Fortezza performs best: the DuoComp for dry conditions and the TriComp for both dry and wet weather.

Excellent anti-puncture protection, very low rolling resistance and especially unparalleled grip are the characteristics of Fortezza which allow both professionals and recreational cyclists to push and extend their limits.

Tricomp technology in combination with the Curve Control System guarantees unparalleled grip in corners, both in dry and wet weather. With the Fortezza TriComp, you reap the benefits in the bends.

In addition to the Fortezza, Vredestein also offers the Volante TriComp and the Fiammante DuoComp, and together these form a range of truly excellent tyres for training and touring.

By combining new techniques and materials with the input from the teams sponsored by Vredestein, we are constantly able to improve even further the product characteristics of the Fortezza


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