LOOK Keo Blade 2 Carbon Cromo Road Pedals

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The LOOK Keo Blade 2 pedal is broad, supportive, lightweight and equipped with an elegantly-integrated carbon spring that offers a secure retention mechanism.

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Look Keo Blade 2 Carbon Cromo Pedals

The Kéo Blade 2 is the result of a long process undertakenby LOOK engineers to optimize all the innovative concepts which were developedfor the Keo Blade Carbon. The Kéo Blade 2 is a more reassuring, more stable,lighter and more powerful pedal. Its design completely integrates the blade forbetter aerodynamics.

Very secure cleat entry / release

The Kéo Blade 2 concept, based on a carbon blade, allows fora more rigid cleat release, which ejects the foot much faster at the end of therelease process than a traditional spring.

This makes the pedal very safe and allowed us to remove theresistance setting. However, to satisfy all cyclists, the Kéo Blade 2 isavailable in 3 different hardness versions:
version 12 that will be ideal for most users, version 16 for riders seekingmore support and version 20 for those looking for maximum support. It ispossible to switch from one version to another by changing the blade with aspecial tool.

Aerodynamic profile

With the full integration of the carbon spring blade into the body of thepedal, the Kéo Blade 2 is the pedal with the best aerodynamic profile evercreated. In addition, the two channels on either side of the body allow foroptimal air flow.

Maximum pedaling width and surface

The Kéo Blade 2 features a 68 mm wide stainless steel plate moulded into thebody, which allows the cleat maximum contact with the pedal at all time,whatever the pedaling angle adapted.

Permanent cleat stop contact for better stability

To improve the stability and the foot support, the new design ensures that theshape of the cleat fits perfectly that of the stop and is always in contactwith it, whatever the pedaling angle.

Very light: pedal set = 220g

The weight of the pedal has been reduced compared to the previous version. Thisis possible thanks to a new and thinner spindle which is lighter, and also to aweight gain on the material of the pedal body.

Very reliable

Particular attention has been paid to reliability: high resistance body,stainless steel bearing surface, oversized spindle shaft with dual seals,making this pedal a very safe and durable product.

Spindle Profile:

To achieve greater efficiency, the newKeo Blade 2 spindle has reduced the stack height by using an oversized chromolyspindle. It is composed of two miniature ball bearings: one 12mm inner x 18mmouter diameters, one 6mm inner x 12mm outer diameters and a needle roller bearing.

LOOK spindles are only approved after a rotational test of 2million cycles at 100 rpm with a load of 90kg on the center of the pedal and aneccentric rotation (replicating a bump each revolution). This test is muchhigher than the current standard: the EN14781. A double seal ensures thebearings have a very long service life.

  • Material: pedal body: carbon, axle: chromoly, cleat surface:stainless steel
  • Weight: approx. 110 gram (per pedal without cleats) or 220grams per set
  • Included in delivery: 1 pair incl. Grip FREE ARC grey cleatswith 4,5° angular float

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